Robotics Classes

Robotics Classes

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Join us for this exciting and challenging VEX IQ Robotics Exploration — where creativity meets technology, and students become proficient roboticists! No prior robotics experience is necessary; enthusiasm and a desire to learn are your best tools.

Experience the thrill of robotics with our dynamic class! Students will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity as they design, build, and program their very own VEX IQ robot. Through engaging hands-on activities, they'll tackle a series of exciting challenges, honing their problem-solving abilities along the way. The pinnacle of the class is the Grand Challenge, where students put their newfound skills to the test, striving to accumulate maximum points in a thrilling display of innovation and ingenuity. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of robotics, where imagination knows no bounds and every challenge is an opportunity for growth!

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Join Us for Complimentary Robotics Classes for Kids! As seasoned experts in STEM education, we offer an enriching learning environment, complete with all necessary tools and a strong emphasis on safety. Parents are welcome to experience the learning journey alongside their children. Discover, create, and learn with us!

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